The comprehensive analysis of benefits of transparent meter box structure materials

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-09-22Vistas : 484

With the development of society, people are more and more familiar with the products of transparent meter box, and the utilization rate is higher and higher. But few friends pay close attention to the benefits of the plastic meter box structure material. Many friends just see some advantages of the transparent meter box and start using it. Next, let's see how the transparent box structure material can bring benefits to people.

What are the advantages of the transparent meter box structure materials? Let's start by explaining that the top of the box body of the transparent meter box is double layer structure, and it has heat insulation function. The surface of the wire drawing process, the purpose is to eliminate glare, glare, spotlights. The box door and the box body are fully enclosed, and are provided with a sealing rubber strip and a waterproof groove. The utility model has the four functions of preventing rain, wind, sand and dust. A special respirator is arranged on the upper and lower sides of the box body to form convection wind, and the utility model has the function of cooling down, and the components in the box body are dried. Lead the knock off holes improved I-shaped detachable structure, convenient for the introduction of cable. The outer part of the box is made of micro mark and traceless, so that the appearance is more beautiful. The interior lighting adopts the refrigerator type structure, and the door is turned on with light to facilitate the overhaul. In the wet environment or the frost and dew season use of terminal box, can be equipped with dew controller, to prevent frosting and condensation caused by insulation decline and short-circuit fault, the use of more safe and reliable.

Transparent electric meter box each can bring flash point, to bring people to the benefits of still quite powerful, I believe many of my friends also understand the above characteristics of transparent electric meter box, know its powerful features, which is transparent electric meter box can quickly be recognized as the biggest factor.