How to deal with abnormal AC contactor

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-09-23Vistas : 468

AC contactor (from TAIXI electrical ac contactor manufacturers) is not normal refers to the actuation of AC contactor is too slow, the contact can not be completely closed, abnormal noise and abnormal iron core. The reason and the treatment method of the abnormal AC contactor:

1. The power supply voltage control circuit is less than 85% of the rated voltage, the electromagnetic force of electromagnetic coil is energized after the small, can not be quickly attracted to the static iron core moving core, causing contactor or slow pull is not tight, at this time should be adjusted to the rated voltage of the power supply voltage control loop.

2. The spring pressure is not enough caused by contactor is not normal; the spring reaction force is too large, resulting in slow pull; contact overtravel spring pressure is too large, so that the iron core can not be completely closed; the spring pressure and release pressure of the contactor is too large, resulting in contact can not be completely closed. The method is to adjust the spring pressure, if necessary, replace the spring.

3. Due to the gap between the static and dynamic iron core is too large, movable part of the stuck, rotating shaft rust or deformation, causing the contactor is not normal. When processing, remove the static and dynamic iron core to check, adjust the small gap, clean the rotating shaft and the support rod, if necessary, replace parts.

4. Due to the frequent collision, the core surface is not smooth, and outward along the thickness direction of lamination expansion, available at the time when necessary to replace the core file dressing.

5. Short circuit ring breaks, which makes core make abnormal sound. In this case, short circuit ring should be changed into the same size.