Attention should be paid to the installation, application and maintenance of molded case circuit breakers

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MCCB users want through the circuit breaker advanced equipment to ensure the power system's operation, so they hope in the market or is found by circuit breaker manufacturers R & D and production of circuit breaker product class. In circuit breaker applications, to achieve real-time interactive links, so as to make the system safe and reliable operation to ensure, for the installation of applications and problems in maintenance can seize small part of a profound analysis and achieve the desired objective.

The details of the problem, a comprehensive examination of the products, and the operation and maintenance of installation, follow the corresponding index of products is necessary and necessary, it is normal to play the role of circuit breaker, reflect the premise of perfect performance, although needs large investment and grasp the details of the deal. Grasp the breaker installation application and maintenance should pay attention to the details to the safety and reliability of the circuit breaker to provide protection, if the circuit breaker device any link problems, will cause bad influence on the overall operation of the system, a circuit breaker should be user attention and improve their professional foundation.

The buffer system of molded case circuit breaker plays an important role in the operation of the equipment. If the equipment does not work properly for some reason, the buffer system should play the role of restoring the operation of the system. The majority of users in the circuit breaker product selection, should be closely combined with their own reality, to grasp the details, to cultivate the ability to identify, to become a knowledgeable person.

The control system of circuit breaker and arc extinguishing device can be said to be the core of the entire equipment, ensure the stability of the heart is important and strong, can reduce a lot of potential problems, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of power grid. For all the problems mentioned above, the circuit breaker manufacturers should strengthen their own professional quality, research and design of advanced and reliable products, users should cultivate ability to cope with various small problems.