Maintenance and inspection of AC contactor

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These days, there are a number of customers to consult the maintenance of AC contactor (motor contactor, electrical contactor), the product involves AC contactor CJT1, CJ20, cj19 magnetic contactor, etc.. It is very important to know the maintenance inspection of some electrical appliances, so here I am talking about the maintenance and inspection of AC contactor.

AC contactor, CJ12 AC contactor life length, technical performance depends not only on the product itself, and the use and maintenance of the products are in conformity with the requirements of a great relationship, a person should be responsible for daily maintenance and regular maintenance, work products, to ensure the normal operation of the whole set of equipment.

Regular maintenance can be used for downtime, which can ensure the reliable operation of equipment, reduce the risk of downtime in the production process. In addition, in the event of a fault (such as short circuit) and after the shutdown, the contactor contact state should focus on maintenance. Because according to the standard, the contactor under the condition of severe short circuit, allowing the phenomenon of welding. The contact surface of air AC contactor shall be kept clean and not allowed to be oiled.

Such as the contact surface of the arc due to the formation of beads, should be promptly removed. However, the black oxide film formed on the surface of the silver and silver alloy contact surface is not clear, otherwise it will affect the contact life. When the contact is in the process of wear and tear, it can adjust the overshoot, only when the thickness of the contact thickness reaches 2/3 of the original thickness of the contact material. The interrupter on the contactor should be kept in good condition, if the damage is found, it should be replaced in time. Can not be used without arcing chamber under the conditions of the use of electricity.


AC contactor operation check item

1. Check whether the maximum load current exceeds the specified value of the load.

2. Check contactor coil temperature rise is less than 65 degrees.

3. Monitor whether there is a discharge contactor and the electromagnetic system is too large noise and overheating.

4. Check the contact system and the connection point of overheating loss phenomenon.

5. Check whether the integrity of the arc cover, if damaged should be replaced after running.

6. Maintenance contact system, with a fine or fine sandpaper polishing contact surface and contact, maintain the original state, adjust the contact surface and the contact pressure, to keep the three-phase contact at the same time, serious loss of contact should be replaced.

7. Check the integrity of the internal parts of the arc extinguishing cover, and wipe off the impurities such as smoke marks.

8. Check the insulation of the linkage, and check whether the deformation, displacement and loose phenomenon.

9. Check the contact surface of attracting iron core is smooth, whether rugged or oil, short circuit rings are broken or excessive oxidation and slippage, pull off, whether good, whether to return to normal position.

10. Clean the AC contactor and check the surrounding environment.

11. AC contactor points, whether the signal is consistent with the state of the circuit.

12. Electromagnetic coil overheating phenomenon, the electromagnet on the short circuit has no prolapse and damage phenomenon.

13. Auxiliary contacts ablation phenomenon.

14. Core pull is good, there is no greater noise, whether it can return to normal after the break.

15. The surrounding environment has no change, there is no exception to the normal operation of the factors, such as excessive vibration, poor ventilation, conductive dust, etc..

In fact, in the actual use of the process, there are many maintenance and inspection for the AC contactor, but as long as we usually accumulate more, it can always reduce maintenance, to extend the use of the term.