Working principle of DC circuit breaker

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The application of dc mini circuit breaker is very wide, from the DC power supply to rail transport and electric locomotive from the ship to the power system of power plant and substation, DC circuit breaker electrical equipment ensure the security of the power system plays an indispensable role in the protection of. So what is the working principle of DC circuit breaker?

AC short circuit working principle is similar, but because of the use of the situation to be different. DC circuit breaker, which is commonly referred to as the switch, the main operating mechanism, arc extinguishing system, the main circuit and the mouth unit.

The main return circuit is composed of a connecting part of a lower connecting racket, an upper connecting bat and a silver plated surface. The closing device is composed of a large pot shaped magnet with a closing coil. The magnet comprises a movable magnetic core, a contact pressure spring and a magnetic core reset spring which are distributed on the operating rod.

The utility model relates to a device which is provided with an armature which is composed of a laminated sheet and a movable magnetic core which is connected to an operating rod controlled by a spring. The setting value of the setting can be set by the operating rod.

Five pairs of auxiliary contacts are controlled by the contact switch. They are located in the plastic box at the lower part of the closing device.  

The arc extinguishing chamber comprises an angle plate, a baffle plate and a deionization plate which are arranged between two arc extinguishing plates.  

When the DC circuit breaker is closed due to over current or normal switching command, the propulsion mechanism will drive the movable contact to be divided. The propulsion mechanism of the same effect on the 5 reversing auxiliary contacts.