Isolation requirements for electrical isolation switch

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In everyday life, we may all be useful for electrical isolation switch. In use, you should know how to isolate and isolate requirements. First of all, to understand the category of electrical isolation switch, molded case circuit breaker, the current domestic market with isolated function circuit breaker has two kinds. One is low voltage switchgear and control equipment; low voltage circuit breakers; another is current protection circuit breakers for household and similar locations; miniature circuit breakers for communication. In order to better understand this knowledge, the following details on how to isolate the isolation switch.

The RCCB indicates that the electrical isolation switch must have a safe distance that meets the isolation function in the disconnection position and shall provide one or more methods to display the position of the main contact:

1. The position of the actuator;

2. Independent mechanical indicators;

3. Movable contact visible.

When disconnecting, the electrical isolation switch shall provide isolation distance to meet the requirements of the isolation function, indicating the opening position and closing position of the main contacts in one or two ways:

1. Location of the operation (preferred);

2. Separate mechanical indicators

If an independent mechanical indicator is used to indicate the position of the main contact, to the closed position (ON), the indicator shall be red, to the off position (OFF), to indicate green.