How to ensure the quality of the electric meter box industry

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The electric meter box is widely used in all fields of national economy, and is an important support for national defense construction and major project construction. It is also an important basic industry of national economy and a necessity for people's daily life. With the increasingly fierce competition in the electric meter box industry in China, the quality has become an important factor restricting the further development of the Chinese meter box industry. The quality problem of the domestic meter box is derived from the small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to gain a share in the market of the meter box, we must sacrifice the quality to win the market, and the specific factors can be divided into:

A point of view of poor quality. In the market, small and medium-sized enterprises are concerned, and the difference is that big enterprises pay attention to their own brand. To understand the quality management of small and medium-sized enterprises, there are certain deviations, they almost do not know the quality management control, for the lack of industry activities. In order to gain the benefit, in order to catch up with the progress and pursue the speed, the requirements of the quality assurance are often relaxed, which leads to the disqualification of the quality of the products. If the product is not qualified, they do not change the quality of the product first, but through a variety of means to dredge the relationship.

Lack of money. Small and medium-sized enterprises have large enterprises production meter box ostentatious, financing ability are different, so they remain at a low level of replication technology. Because of the lack of funds, small and medium-sized electric meter box enterprises do not have the ability to buy high technology production equipment, and can not attract more high-tech talents. The hardware and talent can not keep up with the development, and it is difficult to improve the product quality of small and medium meter box enterprises.

The market environment is poor. China's current meter box industry has made great efforts in price war, and has no advantage for small and medium-sized meter box manufacturers. Because the production process equipment cannot keep up with, not advanced, and lack of talents, the production cost is difficult to control. The enthusiasm of disordered competition, the vicious competition in the market, and the price competition to contend the quality of the electric meter box.