Structural characteristics of load isolation switch

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-12-25Vistas : 477

1. Load isolation switch modular design, suitable for switching on and breaking circuit or electrical isolation, 1000A above only for electrical isolation.
2. Switch using spring energy storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration of institutions and their colleagues turn on and off the parallel double-break contact structure, which greatly improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the product.
3. Switch using glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester molding materials and manual operation handle, with high dielectric properties, protection and reliable operational safety.
4 switch with 3 pole, 4 pole (3 pole + can switch off the neutral pole)
5. The front of the switch is marked with a window, but the contact of the off state, according to the need to provide behind the observation window, direct observation of the contact off-state, to ensure the reliability and safety of switch operation.
6 handle can be directly mounted on the switch operation (referred to as the cabinet operation), but also by extending the shaft in the power distribution cabinet door operation (referred to as cabinet operation), providing easy operation.
7. According to the need to provide normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts and installation of special floor and board front wiring after wiring to meet the diverse needs of customers.
8. In the break position "0", with two to three locks to lock the handle, to prevent misuse.