The quality comparison of miniature circuit breakers is carried out in Zhejiang province to promote the quality improvement of the industry

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The comparison showed that although some of the leading enterprises in the province product quality has reached the international advanced level, but the overall level of Zhejiang, the yield and quality of miniature circuit breaker is still in the middle or lower level, there is a certain gap with the international level, the industry enterprises in the future should aim at the international advanced level, through the active use of "made in Zhejiang" standard, promote technological innovation and collaboration, in order to improve the quality level of the whole industry."  

Reporter recently learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Bureau jointly with relevant industry associations in Zhejiang province for the first time in product quality comparison activities in the near future, compared with the international standard, international brands Zhejiang breaker product quality standard to find weak points for quality improvement to find direction.  

Compared to the activities of the industry, there are 140 products that meet the requirements of the enterprises to participate voluntarily. The comparison focuses on the following 4 performance indicators: the temperature rise state and power loss in the product operation, the tripping characteristics during failure, the short-circuit protection performance, and the mechanical and electrical life of the product.  

The comparison shows that many enterprise products meet the standard requirements of "Zhejiang made" short circuit protection performance energy level E3, mechanical and electrical life 6000 times. They have reached the advanced level at home and abroad on 3 indexes of temperature rise, power loss, and the number of mechanical and electrical life.  

The comparison also found that in the 140 batches of comparison products, the 115 batches were qualified, but the quality was still at the middle or lower levels. In the most important performance indicators of short circuit protection, there is still a gap between the international level and the most important performance indicators. The foreign famous brands are obviously better than the domestic products that participate in the comparison in terms of cutting off current size and cutting off current for long and short performance.