Communications industry: optical communications maintain a high level of prosperity

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2018-01-02Vistas : 459

Fiber demand mainly from 5G and FTTH, administrative villages fiber: fiber demand growth, the main driving force is 5G and FTTH, fiber termination box, administrative villages fiber engineering, at the same time, these projects also led to a fiber separating box, cable box, demand for optical fiber wiring cabinet optical communication products.

1. Our market general view is that although the statistics of the national FTTH penetration is already at a high level, but from the perspective of their various telecom operators FTTH penetration is still in rapid ascension, operators in order to maintain a competitive advantage and promote their own competing users, FTTH network construction, pushing up the demand of future optical fiber and optical fiber separating box.

2. The existing base station return network and transmission network of telecom operators can not meet the needs of 5G bandwidth growth, so the transmission network needs deep expansion. In the future, the 5G network will be successfully commercially available in 2020. Operators will usually expand their capacity 1-2 years ahead of schedule. Therefore, in the coming years, the demand for optical networks will keep rising rapidly.

3. Government work reportin 2017 proposed to strengthen the construction of rural public facilities, clearly put forward to complete the 30 thousand administrative villages through fiber. Operators are more and more sophisticated in deploying administrative villages. Optical fiber and fiber optic fiber boxes will be consumed more and more, which to a certain extent, push up the demand for optical fiber.