New technology for auto reset circuit breaker with electric energy meter

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2018-01-11Vistas : 476

With the advance of the construction of smart grid, the charge control system of the electric energy meter is the foundation of large scale, and has been paid much attention by the national Power Grid Corp and the South Network Power Grid Corp. In order to further improve the reliability of the power meter's cost control system and ensure the safe and stable operation of intelligent management and intelligent service of the power system, the national Power Grid Corp and the southern Power Grid Corp set up the technical specification for the external circuit breaker of the electric energy meter, respectively. According to this specification, the future electric appliance specializes in the development of the 20 30 40 50 60 amp auto reset circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as TXB8F-80).

The basic functions of TXB8F-80 are: reliable realization of arrears, automatic sluice, power failure, automatic closing and continuous electricity, and precise feedback of three state signals: closing, splitting and fault.

TXB8F-80 is designed by modularization, and its structure is a drive module and a miniature circuit breaker. The drive module is only 18mm width, single phase plus N total width 54mm, three phase plus N total width 90mm. In the industry, it is the first to break through the unipolar 18mm width and the maximum rated working current of 100A. The small size ensures that the FAR6-W can be conveniently installed in the existing standard metering box.

TXB8F-80 adopts the inner axis drive design, which ensures the synchronism, consistency and reliability of the circuit breaker. The drive module has the function of manual (semi automatic) and automatic selection, which can effectively prevent people from closing and stealing electricity.

TXB8F-80 is suitable for the temperature range of -25-60 C, and the extreme environment can reach -40~70 C. Therefore, whether it is hot summer in the South or severe cold in winter in the north, FAR6-W can work reliably, and it also brings more choices to the installation location of the watch box, which can be installed indoors or installed outside the environment with large temperature difference.

TXB8F-80 electric energy meter external circuit breaker with "GB10963.1 for household and similar overcurrent protection circuit breaker" standard, in line with the national grid and China Southern Power Grid electric energy meter "external circuit breaker" technical specifications, in accordance with the CQC quality certification center "China meter external circuit breaker technology specification".