What are the requirements for the wiring when the EPS emergency power supply is used?

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EPS emergency power supply is not alone. Fire lighting is not a single step, but a system of interdependence and mutual help, so the wiring requirements for each module are also strict.

1. The heat resistant wire is used, and the steel pipe can also be used as a non - delayed ignition wire with a heat - resistant temperature of more than 105. If BV-105 uses insulation and protective cover as non - delayed material type cable, it can be protected without metal tube, but it should be laid in the cable well. When a shaft is shared by a strong and weak electric cable, it should be separated on both sides of the shaft. When crossing pipe wear protection. The isolation plate shaft every layer to set as flame retardant materials, and will be on the next hole blocked.

2. Non - delayed material should be used when non - metal pipes are used. It is put in the wall structure which can not be burned.

3. Lines of different systems, different voltages and different types of current can not be worn within the same channel or in the same slot in the same tube or the same line slot. The terminal boards in the distribution box should be separated separately from the lines of different voltage and different current categories, and should be clearly marked. The lines in different fire zones can not be shared.

4. The total sectional area of insulated conductors or cables for pipe piercing must not be more than 40% of the net sectional area of the tube holes.

5. The total cross section of a wire or cable laid in a closed or line groove should not be larger than the net section area of the line slot

6. The anticorrosive steel core aluminum strand should be selected in the coastal salt fog area.