Analysis of energy saving technology for AC contactor

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-08-08Vistas : 320

Electrical ac contactor is widely used in low voltage circuit. It is a kind of industrial necessity with safe, convenient control, large quantity and wide range. Rated current China is now widely used in 63A and above, in the capacity of electrical ac contactor should be more than million units, the operating electromagnetic system consumed in holding the active power in the 10W ~ 100W; the reactive power consumption is between tens to hundreds of VaR var. The distribution of the active power consumption is approximately: iron core 65%~75%, short-circuit loop 25%~30%, coil 3%~5%. For our country, which is now in the process of industrialization and urbanization, the use of AC contactor is large, and the energy demand is becoming more and more tight. It has become a priority to save power resources.

The corresponding energy saving technology such as operating electromagnetic system of the AC contactor, the operating electromagnetic system of the original design of AC to DC holding holding, can save the core and short circuit ring vast power loss most, so as to achieve high efficiency of power saving (generally active energy saving rate of more than >90%). Not only that, but also can reduce or eliminate the noise, reduce the coil temperature rise and prolong the service life of the contactor. According to the characteristics of large power consumption and fast temperature rise of AC contactor coil, energy consumption and temperature rise are reduced to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

At present, China's energy-saving AC contactor has a certain market, but still not enough to popularize, the traditional AC contactor is currently dominant in user use. The main reason is that energy-saving contactor is expensive, the user can not accept in the one-time investment, should be extended to countries in the energy saving contactor to increase policy efforts to promote wide application of energy-saving contactor.