How to solve the tripping of the plastic electrical distribution box?

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Tripping reason of plastic electrical distribution box:
1. check the air switch for damage.
2. check air switch wiring is correct. Incorrect and re wired.
3. check the air switch on the load side of the line insulation, if the short circuit grounding, after the need to troubleshoot the normal closing.
If a power is tripped, the line is short circuited.
Some netizens question, the total gate of the family can not find the reason for the total jump, according to his description of the situation should be a part of the loop zero line to the ground.
According to the description of users and his family distribution box photos found his gate is a small circuit breaker 1P, breaking off only FireWire, zero line or the same, regardless of which do not have a fault circuit fault circuit will be through the zero line, so the total gate leakage breaker will jump. Each time a single circuit breaker is broken off, the zero line of the loop is removed and the fault of which branch is checked in turn.
If the fault point is on the zero line of No. 3, you disconnect the No. 3 mini circuit breaker, the other 1, 2 and 4 power will pass through the fault zero line 3, you must remove the zero line 3, the total open leakage does not jump to determine the fault at zero line 3.
The family distribution box if the total open selection of leakage current, small circuit breakers suggest branch selection of 2P, as shown in this maintenance more convenient, if there is a leakage fault, broken fault branch, the other can be normal use of electricity, such as maintenance personnel to repair.