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Standard for selection of AC contactors installed in stainless steel distribution cases

As summer approaches, the peak period of electricity consumption will come as scheduled. The stainless steel distribution box, as a power unit, will be bigger in the summer than in the future. The internal components of the stainless steel distribution box are made up of some low voltage appliances. We should pay attention to these internal components in the selection, especially for the metal meter box, AC contactor should be more attention. What about the electrical ac contactor installed in the stainless steel distribution box to meet those standards? Let's talk about the topic.

Because the AC contactor of different outlet loop installed with the same capacity, without considering the unbalanced three-phase load, but failed to qualify the current level in the normal part of contactor selection model based on improving a current level of choice, easily lead to burn out there AC contactor running when the hot summer season.

In order to avoid this situation, AC contactor stainless steel distribution box should use energy-saving AC contactor (similar to the CJ20SI type) products, and pay attention to the corresponding AC contactor coil voltage and the selected left for current protection device terminals connected to pay attention to the correct load matching. When choosing an alternating current contactor, the insulation level shall be selected as class A and above, and the rated current of the main circuit contact shall be greater than or equal to the load current of the controlled line. The solenoid rated voltage of contactor is 380V or 220V, and the coil is allowed to be used within the range of 80% to 105% of the rated voltage.

Stainless steel distribution box for normal use, either in summer or in other seasons, or have a very important role, therefore, when we select the stainless steel distribution box, must pay attention to its internal components, buy high quality stainless steel distribution box, to avoid failure.