Advantages of plastic meter box (transparent electric meter box)

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-08-17Vistas : 308

The new plastic meter box (transparent electric meter box) not only reads the ammeter well, but also is elegant and safe and practical.

In the spirit of "you use electricity, I attentively" service concept, in this year's rural power network transformation and upgrading project, all the old "iron meter box" was replaced by plastic meter box. These transparent meter boxes are fashionable in appearance. The wiring of the circuit is orderly and the meter readings are clear and the service life can be more than 40 years.

The transparent shell new plastic meter box made of new aerospace materials, a kind of special security seals and power meter box lock for fastening the lid and bottom plastic meter box, inside the wire, knife gate material is more precise, more environmentally friendly materials, the use of more safety, plastic meter box has high insulation, high temperature resistance corrosion resistance and anti-aging function. The masses generally reflect, the new plastic meter box line wiring more neatly, residents see their own electricity consumption, so it is very popular with everyone.