Two control modes of electrical transfer switch are analyzed

De : TAIXI Fecha : 2017-08-19Vistas : 304

Double power electrical transfer switch is mainly used for two power supply (electric supply to electric supply, electric supply to electricity generator etc.) the automatic and manual switching operation, the general practice is set to double power supply automatic switching operation mode, to ensure the continuity and stability of the power supply. However, in some special cases, emergency manual operation is required.

1. Double power automatic control mode

When the double power supply is in the automatic control mode, the automatic operation indicator lamp is always on, and at this time the manual conversion is locked by padlock or the program control is in the forbidden state. The double power supply through the detection of NA, NB, NC power and standby power RA, three-phase RB, RC three-phase voltage, three-phase power supply has appeared when used in any phase overvoltage, undervoltage, phase interruption or loss of power, such as the standby power supply works, double power switch controller with self set delay time automatically disconnected from the power switch, a standby power supply, namely self investment operation. When the common power supply is restored to normal, the double power switch can be switched by the time delay operation of the controller to realize the re connection of the common power supply, namely, the self operation is realized.

2. Manual control mode of double power supply

The user can switch to manual mode manually by manual padlock unlocking or controller setting to realize manual operation of dual power supply. At this time, the automatic operation indicator lights go out and the manual operation indicator light is lit. At this point, the switch is in manual operation mode, and the switch between common power supply and standby power supply can be realized by pressing the constant / standby switch. If the switch is in the "double" state, the first "constant / standby" button, the switch first to the common power supply; switch in common or standby, according to "double points" button, can realize the two power supply double operation.