Multimedia distribution box is the development trend of home decoration

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Multimedia system refers to television, telephone, computer network, multimedia center, electronic automatic alarm system centralized control device design, namely the family by these cable connection devices can be controlled by a centralized equipment. The general multimedia system is mainly composed of multimedia wiring box, signal line and signal port. If the nervous system compared to Home Furnishing multimedia system, multimedia wiring box is the brain, and the signal line and the signal port is nerve and nerve endings. The function of the multimedia distribution box is to control the electronic signals of input and output. A signal line carries electronic signals. Signal port terminal equipment. Such as: television, telephone, computer, etc.. The general multimedia wiring box primary can at least control cable television signals, telephone voice signals and network digital signals for the three types of electronic signals; and a wiring box can control the advanced video and audio (or AV) signal, if to provide the corresponding services in your community, but also can realize the electronic monitoring, automatic alarm, remote copy utility table and a series of functions.

The multimedia distribution box comprises a integrated distribution device and all kinds of cable and the various information export standard connectors, each part adopts modular design and hierarchical star topology, each function module and the line is relatively independent, single appliance or line failure, will not affect the use of other home appliances. Distribution device for household integrated wiring management system mainly consists of monitoring module, computer module, telephone module, TV module, video module and interface etc., mainly access, distribution, transfer and maintenance management functions. According to the actual needs of users, can be flexibly combined and used to support phone / fax, Internet, cable TV, home theater, music appreciation, VOD, fire alarm, security alarm, air conditioning control, lighting control, gas leak alarm and water / electricity / gas automatic meter copy (after two functions need to provide service to the community) and other applications.