Installation of load isolation switch

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This paper mainly discusses some problems about the installation of load isolation switch. When encountered HGL series load isolation switch installation diagram to cabinet, later in the installation process, there are some small problems, so a little summary here, hope to have certain help and inspiration to those problems in the installation process can load isolation switch.

As we know, the load isolation switch can cut off the load current, but it can not break the short circuit current. The short circuit fault of the line is protected by the fuse connected with it. The load disconnecting switch is as clear as the disconnecting switch when disconnecting the circuit, so it can act as an isolating power source.

Generally speaking, the installation of the load isolating switch is approximately the same as that of the isolating switch. However, when adjusting, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Load isolation switch of the main blade and the auxiliary blade action sequence should be closed when closing first auxiliary blade, a main blade after the gate is closed; the main blade disconnect, disconnect the auxiliary blade.

(2) The opening distance of the blade shall be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer when the switch is switched off. If the requirements are not met, the position of the operation rod on the fan-shaped plate or the length of the tie rod can be changed.

(3) There is a small plug in the main blade switch, closing nozzle is just inserted into the arc extinguishing device should be within. The nozzle should not be hit during operation, or it should be treated.

(4) If a load switch with a fuse is installed, the current rating of the fuse shall be checked whether it is in accordance with the design before installation. The fuse tube shall be inserted into the jaw tightly at the time of installation.

Personally, the third and fourth points, in particular, need to be taken care of to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. Of course, as with any type of product installation, the problem of installing a load isolating switch is far more than this, but as long as the operation process goes, there will be no problem.