Performance and characteristics of PC transparent meter box

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Now meter box every household or unit to use things, with a transparent meter box after the use of the more convenient, and now meter box quality and appearance also increased a lot from the overall above.

1. overall performance of meter box

PC transparent electric meter box is used to design a fully transparent, overall look more beautiful, and the meter box transparent observation is more intuitive, whether in view the meter or in the maintenance convenient a lot, if the meter box is what happens inside the abnormal phenomenon, through direct observation is found. Some of the security risks in advance before failure is excluded in the meter box, can achieve the purpose of safe use of electricity.

The PC transparent electric meter box's material used is PC material, this material is not only used in the meter box, in some other areas also have to use, and the use of this material can fundamentally solve some wood and steel meter box meter box is afraid of corrosion and insulation can harm, and these materials are easy Water Leakage, aging, cold resistance and short service life harm. Transparency of this meter box is very good, and the insulation effect, can not only prevent the ultraviolet ray and aging effect, the overall performance is very good, and the weight is very light, in any weather conditions are safe use, do not be afraid of the rain and sun, general service life can reach fifteen years.

2. Characteristics of the electric meter box

The surface material of the PC transparent electric meter box using a transparent polycarbonate material resistance, shell thickness of the meter box is generally between three to five mm, the overall structure is very simple, the box is composed of a box cover and bottom together, and the more hidden hook structure are fixed, the whole case is transparent, and the window door and a box cover integration, beautiful overall level to improve a lot.

In the design of transparent electric meter box is to meet the requirements of the overall use, but also to meet the national standards set, designed after the meter box to achieve to meet the requirements of the degree, when the design in order to facilitate the management of the meter in the meter box should be placed some switches, in accordance with the requirements of division is the need to set or separate, and outside of the ammeter box also need to lock, maintenance work to carry out regular and regular cleaning.