The disconnector uses the basic information associated with the switch

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Our life is often used to a thing, this thing is called isolation switch, the use of this switch and appear in our country is already very common, but the use of the location is not the same, and in the installation and some The location of the choice is also a certain degree of differentiation, in the sub-position, in the isolation switch above can clearly see the place where the contact has been marked with a good sign, each switch is above, this mark is in accordance with the Certain requirements and requirements to mark, in the position of the joint, but also need to switch in the normal circumstances have enough capacity to carry the normal circuit conditions generated below the current, in a certain period of time to deal with some unusual circumstances, this Current switching devices have been widely used in our lives.
What is the disconnector
We often say that the isolation switch is also called high-voltage isolation switch, in a certain rated voltage when the use of a switch, are generally used in the voltage 1KV, we use a lot of high-voltage switchgear inside, which Kind of switch should be used more of a kind, and its own working principle and structure is also very simple, very easy to use, in the use of the current life is also very large, the reliability of the work is High, whether it is used in family life or in some substations or power plants which are inseparable from his use.
In addition, a new type of load disconnector, in the 100A ~ 3000A high current circuit environment, the rapid disconnect circuit, for the line maintenance has a great security role, can effectively ensure personal safety and to avoid the circuit in the open And the impact of the closed instantaneous current caused damage to the equipment. On the characteristics of the switch
The use of disconnector itself has certain characteristics, whether from the design or from the use of the above functions have their own advantages, this one of the biggest features of a switch is no power outage, when the work only It is possible to separate the circuits in a circuit where there is no load current, and to separate the lines and the power supply at different voltages and circuit connections to change the lines. However, the disconnectors are not capable of interrupting, and In the operation of the time is able to use some of the other voltage equipment before the first cut off the circuit after the work, in the work of the time with the main use to prevent the switch and load with the device used in combination, and in There is a need when the pin can also be used in some of the relatively large failure when the role of the magnetic drop switch off.
Usually in the electrical maintenance when we need a medium, also need a device to carry out the interval between the electrical, with the use of isolation switch will form a significant power outage, so as to be able to protect the staff's personal safety, and In the work, with the load operation is absolutely not allowed, can not use the rated load or large load of the operating state, and whether it is sub-load current or load current or short-circuit in the current time, are not Use, in some cases with the arc chamber equipment, you can load some small load current and some of the operation of the no-load line.
With regard to the use of disconnectors will be more common, and is everywhere, and in the transmission operation, the first to close the isolation switch, the safety of construction workers is the first consideration, is also very important problem.

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