Safe use procedures of circuit breakers

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In the hot summer, the role of DC circuit breaker is particularly prominent, then how to use DC circuit breaker safely? The following summarizes the safe use of circuit breakers, we hope to help.

Safe use procedures of circuit breakers

1. After the circuit of DC miniature circuit breaker (c45n dc mcb, dc mini circuit breaker) is connected, check whether the wiring is correct. It can be checked by the test button. If the circuit breaker can be properly broken, the leakage protector is installed properly, otherwise the line should be checked and the trouble can be eliminated.

2. After the circuit breaker is short circuited, it is necessary to check the contact. If the main contact is burned seriously or there is a pit, it needs to be repaired. The four pole leakage circuit breaker (such as DZ47LE) must be connected to the zero line to make the electronic circuit work properly;

3. Leakage protection is put into operation, after every time, you should check whether the normal operation of the circuit breaker test button; circuit breaker, leakage, overload and short-circuit protection characteristics is set by the manufacturer, not can be adjusted, so as not to affect the performance of;

4. The function of the test button is to check the running state of the circuit breaker after the new installation or operation for a certain period of time. Press the test button, the circuit breaker can be broken, indicating that the operation is normal, can continue to use; if the circuit breaker can not be broken, indicating that the circuit breaker or line failure, the need for maintenance;

5. The circuit breaker is broken due to the fault of the protective circuit, and the operating handle is in the tripping position. To identify the reasons for troubleshooting, should first handle downward pull, the operating mechanism of "back", to carry out the closing operation;

6. The load wiring of RCCB must pass through the load of circuit breaker, does not allow any phase of the load or the zero line without leakage circuit breaker, otherwise it will cause human "leakage" caused by the circuit breaker not switch on, caused by misoperation".

In addition, in order to protect the circuit and equipment more effectively, the RCCB can be used in conjunction with the fuse. If you don't understand, please contact us.